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To make money online many folks jump right in something before they are prepared. You know that to be a genius, a doctor, a brick layer, a construction employee, an office employee, a teacher there are must haves, things you may learn, before you may be successful, you do not just jump right in unready. The same is applicable to the web, though there are unsavory folks out there who'd have you think it is a "Walk in the Park" and needs less than the idea that you can just do it.
I believe that the ArticleMs Manual Club can be helpful for all the webmasters that want to start their own Article Directory. It'll be useful also for the webmaster that already have the ArticleMs Script installed but want to know more about: how to create a template, or how to implement a free template to articlems skin, or how to create a blocks and more.
There are folks who are in a situation of make or break and need to do something now all they desire are the steps of how to get going.
I'm completing the first E-Book containing
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all my knowledge about ArticleMs script, hoping that it'll be useful for all of you.
So come back in the next weeks to get your first copy of ArticleMs Manual .

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Free Templates Implemented to ArticleMS

How To Create A New Skin?

This is the very first tip when it comes to how to create a new articlems skin.
I suppose you have installed only the default skin .
So first you can go this way:
1 - goto manage skins
2 - select CREATE NEW SKIN
3 - Put the name for your new skin ( ie NewSkin ) in the field and press the button
5 - Select the new skin you have created so you'll be sure that all the changes you do will got to the new skin

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